Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Oh boy, he found out!

I had a fantastic rp with my partner this morning in Purgatario where Gera is a girl , dressed up as a boy. First he gave her tabacco to chew and then suggested she changes her shirt, which had stains from the tabacco. As she was hiding under the bed quilt to change she said:
"Tis a nice day today, isn't it?"
Dunnagh Scarmon 's boots sound ominously on the planks under his feet as he approaches her under the blanket. He reaches down taking hold of the blanket and yanks it back, his face hard and flat, eyes calculating.
Dunnagh Scarmon 's eyes scan the very feminine swell of her chest, lingering on them, says in an unfriendly manner "Aye.... turning into a very nice day indeed, lass....."
Unfortunately we had to stop right here. Hopefully we can pick up the same mood again next time. And i have to point out to him that she wears a bandage under her shirt to flatten down her breasts.

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