Sunday, November 13, 2011

A brief overlook on the characters i play

Dark Oasis
Harem Slave, child of pain, tool of revenge.
Born under traumatic circumstances in the sultans prison. Brought up in the Harem. Her mother, the victim of the sultan, then Harem slave of the President, had sworn to make Gera the tool of her revenge. She concieved Gera during one of the rapes in prison and brought the little girl up to become tough and never to show any distress. She would stick needles into the child and conditioned her never to cry, but to endure and wait. Brought up on hate and surpressing and enduring any pain, the child grew into the perfect tool for her revenge. A Harem slave, to the outside obedient, quiet, almost like a shadow, never complaining. But who knows what goes on inside her head, what is hidden behind the shy smile and those soulful dark eyes. And she can wait, oh she can wait until the moment is perfect.
Dark Oasis Land Group, Dark Oasis ~ RLV Prison; Posh Resort; Harems; Maze, Eluria (218, 46, 75)

Hidden Valley
Lady Gera:
20 years old
Dark hair, dark brown eyes, slender, 5'4 tall.
Lady in waiting at the royal court, had been attending on the queen until the barbarians took over the castle and village. She is a princess from europe and came into the queen's service through her marriage with a Lord. Given into matromony at the age of 12 ( fairly normal in medivieal times in the high ranks) she became a widow at the tender age of 17 and has been with the Queen all this time. The raid and the enslavement of her queen left her lost and devasteted. She was captured by Sergeant Scarmon, combat group leader to the Barbarian Lord Enanilluc; Champion to the Horde Priestess. So far he has spared her, perhaps intimidated by her bearing. But who can know what goes on in the mind of a Barbarian, a wild animal...
CathrynDawn Resident, *~*~Hidden Valley~*~ Medieval times deviant role play, Hidden Valley (180, 186, 36)

Dead End
Dead End: Waitress Gera grew up sheltered and is not hardened up to life. She trusts people because she can not imagine that anybody would hurt her on purpose. She is a serious person. Always getting deep into matters. She is also very passionate. She works as a waitress in a restaurant at Dead End.
Perdition: Gera, a citizen, possibly working in an office or shop
Gera, Shop Girl, office worker
Free Roleplayin Blackiston A project of the Improvisation RP Group.
Skybox above for RP. Current theme: Urban Life.
LBS Group 30, RP Aera: Ground Medieval/ Skybox Urban , Blackiston (149, 70, 921)

Dark Den
Whatever happened to naive little Gera? She was like an Alice in Wonderland. But something happened. Now she is a loner, riding her motorbike through the island, observing the others often from a distance. She was toying with the idea of joining the police force in Glint. But then found out there is only the Molesteri, so now what? Some think she's completly off her rocker and that may be so...
Terra Cura, PRG - the People's Republic of Glint - No Voice Chat, Glint (6, 79, 22)

Sunday, November 6, 2011

RP-Box Blackiston - Impressions Part 3

When you pass through the dark tunnel you'll come to the old cemetery. It used to be open but now they've put up a high fence there and the warning signs tell you why: Zombies! Best thing is to stay away from the fence. There is a high stand for shooting. Some people get a thrill out of it.
I usually stay away from there.

Some mad scientists are working on a solution to the undead threat. I've heard they do weird experiments with the Zombies. Trying to tame them maybe? This part is still under construction, maybe a building where the scientists work, will be added. (When I am on my own here I never dare to rezz the Zombies because they scare the shit out of me :) I always wait for Dunnagh or some friend to be here before I do)

RP-Box Blackiston - Impressions Part 2

You get to the lower side of town when you go down to the underground station. Filthy place. The toilets are a sight. (I used a lot of buildings from the wonderful sl-legend Acardia Asylum, nobody ever captured the urban ambiente better)

On the right side you will see the movie theatre. Luckily they don't show boring main stream. Instead they run the old cult movies and favorites like Clockwork Orange, Night of the Living Dead and so on...
On the left side is this sleazy night club. They have the usual stuff, pole dancing and more. Could be partly Bordello, I am not sure. People from the cartel hang out there and plan all kind of corruption. This part of the street still needs some tarting up, excuse the pun :)

This is my favorite part of the lower side. Down by the water. Its dirty and bleak but it has a sentimental feel, maybe because of the old victorian street lamp that stands there. Wonder how old that is? From there leads a tunnel to the old cemetery.
Now brace yourself for the last part of our little sight seeing tour...

Saturday, November 5, 2011

My own RP Sim - Impressions Part 1

For a while now I rent a large beach parcel in the region of Blackiston. Above it I have a skybox for RP. We toyed with an medieval setting for a while but more recently its been urban themed.
Here are some impressions:
This was the uptown, next time some impressions of the lower side of town...