Saturday, August 18, 2012

Kutter City - My new Dark Den

 Gee-Babe, Trailer-Trash-Queen...
 Moved to Kutter City together with her husband Dunnagh six month ago
 Their new home: A rundown Trailer
 Gee Babe works as a waitress at the Wafle House
 Goes on Bike Rides with the notorious Saloon owner Rock...
 Who seemed charming and nice first
 and so nice of him to show Gee Babe around
 But then Gee-Babe discovered his secret...
 And the there is Deputy Wyatt...
 His pickup-line was :"I am your boyfriend now"(yes, he must have stolen that line from Freddy Kruger)
 He is always around, keeping an eye on Gee, isn't that nice
and there are more dirty and devious secrets, oh my.....t.b.c.