Friday, May 21, 2010

At his mercy

[2010/05/18 4:19] Dunnagh Scarmon 's boots sound ominously on the planks under his feet as he approaches her under the blanket. He reaches down taking hold of the blanket and yanks it back, his face hard and flat, eyes calculating.
[2010/05/18 4:21] Dunnagh Scarmon 's eyes scan the very feminine swell of her chest, lingering on them, says in an unfriendly manner "Aye.... turning into a very nice day indeed, lass....."
Gera Heliosense stare at him with panick in her dark eyes. She covers her bandaged chest with her arms
[22:54] Dunnagh Scarmon 's eyes course down her bare arms, over her covered chest and belly, then up to stare unblinking into her eyes. "And just what are you all about then, 'Gerard'?"
[2:20] Gera Heliosense looks into his eyes half pleadimngly, half rebellious. The she lifts her chin and answers in a flat voice"As a girl alone I would have been in danger. So I dreessed up as a boy. It was to protect myself
[2:24] Dunnagh Scarmon tries to buy time with a question as he quickly thinks what to make of this.... He sees the fine shape of her, can see how lovely the face would be with the dirt removed, and wants her badly. But is he only going to get one chance or can he work this to many trips to the well. His eyes slide over her again, feeling his blood quickening fast. "Protect yourself from what, lass?"
[2:28] Gera Heliosense swallows hard and she wraps her arms even tighter around herself because she can see it. She can feel it. He stands above herlike a hunter, like a fox who is after the chicken. Anything she would say now would not protect her anymore. Maybe, if she could make a deal with him, She still has money she could offer him. She sighs deeply and whispers:"I didn't want to get raped....the men on the ship...they talked about it a lot...the boy's clothes were my only protection. "She lowers her eyes. maybe she even hopes for his mercy
[2:31] Dunnagh Scarmon licks dry lips, shrugging out of his cloak and tossing his hat aside onto the bed. He knows his eyes running all over her won't help his attempt to win her over, but he can't help it. He tries to keep the convesation going, forcing his voice to be easy, reasonable. "They rape boys, too, sometimes, lass- that alone won't keep you safe for long." His hand involuntarily starts for the bandage around her but he checks himself, silently cursing his eagerness.
[2:34] Gera Heliosense watches in panic as he tosses his coat and hat on to the bed. She feels her throat going tight and swallows again. Her hand feels down her leg for the knife hidden in her boot. She does not know what to say
[2:35] Gera Heliosense: I...I...didn't want to get raped" she repeats and looks at his coat on the bed.
[2:37] Dunnagh Scarmon sees the hand sliding down and would normally recognize the threat, but his attention is wholly consumed by one driving urge and he mistakes her move as a that of nervousness, even starts to convince himself it's a flirtatious move on her part. He slips in to sit beside her, his leg brushing against her's, left hand coming up to stroke some hair away from her air, saying soothingly "Of course, of course! It can be a horrid thing, I'm sure!"
[2:38] Dunnagh Scarmon: *hair away from her ear*
[2:40] Gera Heliosense looks at him suspiciously when he sits down next to her. But when he talks so soothingly she is naive enough to believe that he is concerned for her . Maybe she was lucky and he is a good man and won't tell on her. Herhands wanders back up again. She flinches only a little when he strokes her hair back. Her hazel eyes hold his gaze
[2:44] Dunnagh Scarmon 's did not think he was winning her over and was just about to take her by force when at the last second he sees something in her hazel eyes and thinks he should give it a bit more time for a greater prize. As the the decision is made, his own eyes flicker, like rippling surface of a cold, deep, sinister lake as the beast within him sinks back below the surface.... for now. With effort, he keeps his voice quiet and honied. "What is your name, lass?"
[2:48] Gera Heliosense: She can see the predator flickering in his grey eyes and how he vanishes. She tries to keep alert. But also realizes she should better humor him. Being a little bitch won't safe her. And there is even more. She realizes that this man whom she only knows briefly could have made her heart beat dfaster in another situation. She decides to be honest and answers"My name is Gera. Gera Heliosense. And I am from London"
[2:51] Dunnagh Scarmon slips his left hand to the back of her head, playing his fingers over the back of her hair with barest touch, letting his other hand fall to her knee almost as lightly and rest there, smiling into her eyes, gasping with feigned surprise "Such a pretty name for such a pretty girl! And London! You are so far from home! Have you no family about?"
[2:54] Gera Heliosense stiffens a little when his hands touch her hair ever so lightly and his other hand brushes her knee. But his words lull her and she relaxes a little , looks to the floor and snorts:"Yes I ahve a family, they were going to sell me. For a good prize. They tried to force me to marry a man i hate." she shudders with the memory
[2:57] Dunnagh Scarmon 's face adopts a concerned, sympathetic look, his fingers toying with her hair with a little more contact, his other hand beginning to rub in a circle on her kneecap. "Aw, such a shame! And so you ran from them all- such pluck and bravery!..... But also, perhaps, a bit rash to run to a lawless slave port, eh?"
[3:00] Gera Heliosense: She nods slowly:" I took the first ship in the port. I didn't know the destination, and when i did it was too late. Then again, i a boy I have nothing to fear...and i was glad it was a far way from home. I never want to return anyway...never" Her dark eyes narrow:"My family is like a curse on my shoulders"
[3:03] Dunnagh Scarmon 's eyes fall to those lovely, burdened shoulders, hand at her hair going to the one nearest him and stroking it with a fingertip, nodding sympathetically. His eyes then return to her's, the hard face of life-long, emotionless bargain striker. "It's important then, that no discovers your true identity" *the hand on her knee now slips up her thigh, resting there heavily*
[3:08] Gera Heliosense starts to breath faster, too late she was sensing the danger. She realizes she is in a trap. She stares on his heavy hand on her thigh. She does not dare to move. "Sir...I...I...yes it is very important that noone finds out about me....very important....may I...can I trust you? Can I expect help from you?"
[3:12] Dunnagh Scarmon sits back, his hands slipping away from her and returning to his own lap, his face flat and not helpful looking, but his eyes are bright and alert, seeking advantage over her. He shrugs. "Quite risky for me, no? No doubt your family wants you back and so the Navy might be looking for you. They'd take a dim view of me giving you assistance, wouldn't they? And all these slavers and kidnappers! *he waves a hand about the room* I'd be having to fight them off, too! *His eyes return to her's, no sympathy or warmth in them* And all for what, I have to ask myself? *shaking his head* All for what?
[3:18] Gera Heliosense panics again. How naive was she to think thtat this was going to be smoothly. He is right of course. Helping her would put him into a tight spot. She looks into his cold eyes. There is no sympathy there. He might tell the authorities about her himself. Her small hand shoots up and grabs his sleeve in desparation. Her dark eyes plead"I beg you sir, don't tell the navy about me, please don't tell on me....I...I have a little money left....I can give you that" Her face comes closer, her lips parted, her eyes begging him
[3:20] Dunnagh Scarmon: A ripple goes through him, palpable, as the face and parted lips close on his, the beast lunging on it's chain to be at her, barely contained. "I can protect your money to, my sweet- with the right inducement."
[3:23] Gera Heliosense watches his face, the face of a hunter ready to pounce. " the right inducement?" Her voice trembles, her hand on his sleeve goes slack
[3:24] Dunnagh Scarmon 's jaw is tight and hard, his eyes glittery. He nods his head, watching her.
[3:25] Gera Heliosense's eyes dance over his face, his glittering almost silvery eyes, his tight jaw, his hard lips. She backs away a little"I..I...don't understand...sir"
[3:26] Dunnagh Scarmon 's hand reaches up for the bandage, beginning to tug at it. "I think you do, my pet."
[3:28] Gera Heliosense looks down on his hand as it tugs on her bandage. She shivers"Oh sir...I...please not good for that...I've never been with a man...I won't know how to ....*she swallows hard* how to pleasure you"
[3:31] Dunnagh Scarmon almost cries out with joy to hear this. He had suspected as much, but the confirmation is a jolt through him. He tugs more firmly at her bandage, his eyes bright and greedy. "I will show you how to please me, lass, and we'll have lots of time to get it right..." *both hands are unwrapping the bandage from her*
[3:33] Gera Heliosense: " please..sir..."She tries to pull his greedy hands away from her but to no avail. She must watch helplessly how he pulls her last protection away from her until her pert small breasts come into view. Exposed before his eyes. She blushes deeply and tries to cover her self with her hands
[3:36] Dunnagh Scarmon sits back, the bandage dangling from his hand, his lusty gaze on her covered breasts. The offer is this, Gera: "I will protect your secret, and you, from all who will surely pounce on you should they discover the truth. You will give me your money, too, and I will keep that safe as well. In return, I get access to you. Whenever I want. However I want. And as often as I want."
[3:40] Gera Heliosense stares at him in horror. Her head spins. She tries to think straight. What he offers is what she needs. She has no choice. She swallows and slowly she lets her hands sink to the sides, Straightening her back, sitting next to him with exposed breasts she tilts her head to the side and without looking into his silver eyes she answers in a whisper" I agree"
[3:42] Dunnagh Scarmon feels the leap of triumphant victory and it blazes in his eyes, his already hard erection surging to iron now. His reply comes as a low, hoarse whisper "You precious thing!" He stands, kicking off his shoes and stripping off his shirt, his voice louder now, a command "Get undressed and slide over under those blankets."
[3:44] Dunnagh Scarmon strips off his snug pants, his eyes never leaving her as she peels off her own pants, her fine legs and that tight sex he gets to open coming to view before him.
[3:45] Gera Heliosense takes a quivering breath, slowy she bends over and pulls her boots off, then she opens her belt buckle and takes off her trousers, She feels his eyes on her naked body and quickly slips under the bed cover
[3:46] Dunnagh Scarmon slips in after her, quick and eager, sliding up next to her his hands sliding and squeezing, his mouth attacking her face and mouth and shoulders hungrily
[3:48] Gera Heliosense lays the rather stiff. She tilts her head to the side, trying to avoid his hungry kisses, but he devours her mouth anyway...

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