Monday, February 21, 2011

Brighter things are coming

It seems that second life looks bright again for Gera. With the return of the true presidente del Glint "Ma'am" YT, all looks better. Gera has been appointed to be her secretary, she has been granted posting rights in the DDI where she must read out the Presidential Daily. Old friends have returned. Sir Ulric, the wonderful Moose and lo and behold, Sir Dunnagh is making his comeback too.

And on top of that, she has found a new job in another rp, a different sim. She will be an air hostess, a stewardess for TNA airlines. After looking for a new rp for such a long time, now where she found her way back to the DD she suddenly found another sim too where she might be able to get involved. Its important for her to have an additional rp besides the Den. That is a lesson she has learned at least.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Character Death

Gera Heliosense walks up to the cell, suddenly pulling a handgun out of her pocket, aiming at Defiant, blinking tears away as she aims hard, with trembling hands.
Sir Defiant: Aww, poor seabreeze, who do you want to shoot more? Me or you? Sexless little piece of meat, i have been more attracted to men...

That was the moment when I was very close to it. Instinctivly I wanted her to take that gun, press it to her forhead and kill herself. It would have been a painless death. It would have been the end to all humiliation, hurt and the helpless feeling of watching your character go down hill. A path you have never chosen for that character. You brought her into the world, nursed her, saw her growing up and developing. And she had her place until someone comes and forces an rp upon you that does not go the way you want it to go. But you don’t know where to stop it and when. You see her being pushed into a corner. She is pushed into a role she never intended to play. You have always played through everything because thats the way you are. And then this happens and there seems to be no way out other than killing her to save her from being bend , twisted. Not being the person anymore she was before...

A man is laying on a stretcher, helpless, bound and drugged. He had always been the charismatic leader, the chief, the witty, smooth and untouchable one. The ultimative picture of masculinity. But it all ends here. He is about to loose his manhood, his dignity, his place. He is forced into a corner, where he never intended to be. And so, Sir Defiant waits until the plunger is half depressed, then lunges against her. Knocking her hand as she administers the drug. Jolting her thumb, he forces a small air bubble into the syringe, and from there into his bloodstream. The resulting embolism killing hims quickly and next to painlessly

Character death. The last way out. Oh, it won’t be the end of everything. In another game, another sim he will rise again. There will be other places where he can be himself again.

But still. Didn’t it hurt terribly?

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Dunnagh and Gera

Making plans...