Thursday, February 23, 2012

Time for a new skin

with a new skin
bye bye old LAQ-Gera

I wasn't all too happy with Gera's LAQ skin for a while now. But its so hard to find a skin that fits and doesn't change her. So i stayed with it and started to use make up layers to enhance her face. Until yesterday. I found a new store and was instantly convinced that this skin is exactly Gera, a better skin but still a skin that lets her keep all her character, her Gera-ness.
So here it is. Gera in her new Mojo-Skin:

Go West!

My latest role-play interest is the exploration of Wild West sims. I started to develop a Character in Colorado, Deadwood and Tombstone. In all these sims Gera is a young widow, a french immigrant. I admit, I was inspired by the movie "Another country, another man" one of my all-time favorite movie.
Its very fascinating to play this new character in a totally new ambient. Even the dressing up is fun.