Sunday, September 22, 2013

Lady Gera Heliosense - Character sheet

Isla Dolorosa Pirate Port

Lady Gera is the clueless widow of a company agent, traveling to the Isla Dolorosa to take care of her late husbands belongings. Little does she know that he led a double life. Here on Isla Dolores she will finally see the true colors. Her first surprise: She sees a man again , she used to know a long time ago, he has changed since his days at the helm of her majesty's royaly navy....and what about her husband? Is he really dead or is it just a devious plot?
(sla Dolorosa is in the far southwest Pacific, and controlled by the shadowy West Pacific Trading Company, which manages trade in goods, drugs and slaves. It is port of call for every pirate & scoundrel in the region. RP, Pirate.)

The biggest joy at this RP: Meeting old friends and RP partners again, here Transic

and Dunnagh