Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Town of Stepford

Today I visited the Town of Stepford. I thought its based on the movie The Stepford Wifes. But no, its a town where they practise Dolcett! When you walk into the town you are overwhelmed by the beauty of it. Its like a 1950's small town with nice white houses, some shops, a cabaret...but of course there is also a butchers shop and...a Family Diner! The diner looks totally normal on first sight. But when you come closer to the ovens you see those poseballs that say "Baste". While I was still standing there I heard two women playing next door in the butchers shop. They were playing out a slaughter. I quickly left the diner and came to a lovely park. There was a french man about to tie up his female victim. He described how he smeared olive oil on her skin to make her a nice roast. She was still alive but unconcious.
There was a third woman watching this scene. I left.
Dolcett is something that horrifies me. I can hardly comprehend how someone can fantasize about killing, roasting and eating another human being. More so, I can not grasp that there are women who want to be a victim. But as much as it horrifies me, I am also fascinated by it. I want to understand these people. I want to get into their mind to see what is going in there. Like a profiler. Someone who wishes to be stuck onto a skewer and to be roasted alive? What must go on in someone like that? Do they have a deathwish? Is it the torture or the killing and being eaten that turns them on? Does it comfort them to be eaten? The final, ultimate feeling, being devoured. Becoming one with another person? And as for the dangerous is it to harbor such phantasies? And to play them out in a roleplay? Or is it just because we always need new thrills?

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