Sunday, March 24, 2013

Spontaneous semi RP in the new setting of Glint

I was in Glint all day yesterday. For the first time after the "Apocalype" I had time to explore the new Glint and YT gave Legion and I a place to set up house.
We talked about ideas, chatted idly and  I found myself drawn into the atmosphere so well that turned into semi RP even.
I was wary if the changed Glint will work. There was the fear of the risk that we turn into a shooter game without real RP. But after yesterday i even think, this has a great new potential.
Having a constant back round story running, the day to day survival in a town infested by zombies, as absurd it sounds, prompts a better richer RP.
Something I had experienced before btw, when I had joined the Zombie weekend at Perdition in 2011.

I am looking forward to the new Glint.

The Survivors of the Glint Apocalypse:

Veebs aka vb, Nancy, Anne, Legion, Winter, YT and I.
Not in the picture as they came inworld later: Jarethe, MyLady, Lava and Mare and some new players who had a look around

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Now and then

2009 "The Chipmunk"-look


New Skin Update

So...nobody laughs now ok? :) Gera is back in her old drlife skin.
There other skin was not her after all.

This  photo confirmed my decision. Winterthyme took it. Our Mr. Winter from Glint.
I like it a lot.
Thank you Mr. Winter :)