Sunday, November 6, 2011

RP-Box Blackiston - Impressions Part 3

When you pass through the dark tunnel you'll come to the old cemetery. It used to be open but now they've put up a high fence there and the warning signs tell you why: Zombies! Best thing is to stay away from the fence. There is a high stand for shooting. Some people get a thrill out of it.
I usually stay away from there.

Some mad scientists are working on a solution to the undead threat. I've heard they do weird experiments with the Zombies. Trying to tame them maybe? This part is still under construction, maybe a building where the scientists work, will be added. (When I am on my own here I never dare to rezz the Zombies because they scare the shit out of me :) I always wait for Dunnagh or some friend to be here before I do)

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