Thursday, May 20, 2010

In the Tavern

First Gerard met his room mate Johnny, who also works for Madame at "The red door" as a gardener. They talked for a while and sniggered abozut the fct that they have to share one bed. Then a new women arrived, Ima...
[21:59] Ima heard the name of the boy, looks at Steph, " you suppose that boy has a forest yet?"
[22:00] Mavia : i come from caracas
[22:00] Steph laughs "'e cant have more than a twig, look at im. if he's full grown ill eat me hat"
[22:00] Cassandra looks at Gerard/ Oh, I doubt he has so much as a cottage
[22:00] Cassandra : No offense, Sir (curtseys
[22:00] Ima: " Naw I wont ship out the good doctor, " keeps an eye on the boy.
[22:01] Steph grins, catching the predatory look "he works at the whorehouse"
[22:01] Gera Heliosense hears the women talk about him and blushes slightly"Caracas? nice"
[22:01] Ima raises one broww " Does he now"
[22:02] Ima: " Boy?"
[22:02] Gera Heliosense turns"Yes Milady I work at the whore an errand boy
[22:02] Ima shrugs a little " too bad"
[22:02] Steph : 'e claims his arse is untouched like the finnish snow
[22:02] Ima slides the gold back in her pocket
[22:02] The Huntress finds her hand isn't quite making it to where she is trying to reach
[22:02] Steph : weirdly enough i believe im, he's got an unspoilt quality about im
[22:03] Steph : cherubic
[22:03] Egan : stops and then drops The Huntress on her arse her you are lady have a good day
[22:03] Gera Heliosense bites "his" lip and smiles uncertain
[22:03] Mavia looks again at gerard, appraisingly
[22:03] Ima : " Yeah kind like that about him. Well if you chnge your min boy, you come see me"
[22:03] The Huntress : OWWW!
[22:03] Cassandra Glasswing hears a shout outside
[22:03] Mavia : gerard, perhaps you should grow you a beard
[22:04] Ima : " I'll put a little devil in you and knock tha angel right on its ass"
[22:04] The Huntress Catteneo tried to kick him
[22:04] Gera Heliosense looks at Ima"I...I beg your pardon, Milady?
[22:04] Mavia frowns, hearing huntress's voice
[22:04] Cassandra : Madam!
[22:04] Ima : " I said, If you change your mind about just being an errand boy , you come see me"
[22:04] Mavia: one moment...
[22:05] Egan : jumps out of the way
[22:05] Steph : what's all that then?
[22:05] Mavia : huntress, are you all right?
[22:05] Gera Heliosense blushes hard and nods confused"Y..yes milady, th..thank you"
[22:05] Ima : " I like em innocent, makes corruption all the more fun"
[22:05] The Huntress : bastard, you'll pay for that ... eventually >:)
[22:05] Egan : it has been a pleasure lady maybe someday you wll chnge your mind
[22:06] The Huntress crosses her arms
[22:06] Ima : CAnt stand a bloke that thiks the sun rises and sets in his pants"
[22:06] Skiz blinks as he walks in the door
[22:06] The Huntress looks up and grumbles "yes fine"
[22:06] Steph nods up to ima "ye mean skiz?" she winks and looks back over at gerard "listen boyo, long as ye keep bein so unspoilt, theres them what are gonna wanna sully ye"
[22:06] Egan : looking down the offer will stand for while but things do change
[22:06] Ima steps foward twoard gerard
[22:07] The Huntress stands and brushes off her skirts
[22:07] Steph : ima be more gentle than most
[22:07] Egan : turns and walks away
[22:07] Cassandra goes to help Madam The Huntress stand
[22:07] The Huntress sighs
[22:07] Ima Spingflower: (( ok here i stand )) Pulls her dagger from her boot walking up to the boy
[22:08] The Huntress : bloody men
[22:08] Cassandra : Are you all right?
[22:08] The Huntress : think they own the word and all in it
[22:08] Ima rolls the handle in her had laying the flat of the blade against his cheek and scrapes lightly, " Nay a peach fuzz on this lad"
[22:09] Gera Heliosense backs away until "his " back presses into the counter, and lets out the air sharply
[22:09] Ima leans in sliding her blade back in her boot... stepping him to the couter
[22:09] Cassandra hurries to get water
[22:09] Steph laughs "maybe 'e just shaved. check im for hair down below"
[22:09] Ima: *counter
[22:09] Mavia: do please support her, skiz...
[22:09] Gera Heliosense looks slightly panicky now
[22:09] Ima grabs his face between her ingers softly
[22:10] Cassandra: No! Stop!
[22:10] Mavia takes huntress's arm
[22:10] Ima pulls her dager back from her boot looking at the girl
[22:10] Gera Heliosense stares at Ima like a frightened doe
[22:10] Ima looks back at he boy inches from is lips
[22:10] Gera Heliosense swallows
[22:10] Ima leans in and kisses him softly. " Come find me if you hange your min boy"
[22:11] Mavia : seƱor egan, it appears
[22:11] Ima slides he blade back in her boot
[22:11] Mavia looks over at the bar, wondering what is going on
[22:11] Skiz: who the hell hurt asks his face growing furious
[22:11] Gera Heliosense closes "his" eyes to the soft kiss and nods slowly
[22:11] Steph busts out laughin at the kiss "that's probably the first kiss e's ever had
[22:11] The Huntress looks slightly embarrassed walking in and decises to head to the dark corner to sit
[22:12] Gera Heliosense looks at the Captain and blushes again
[22:12] Cassandra whispers in gerard's ear/ Are you all right?
[22:12] Ima peers at Steph, Sof as a babys butt he is. winks at her and goes outside
[22:12] Mavia: what do you wish to drink? i will ask cassandras for it
[22:12] Skiz walks over to huntress and looks at her .. his face showing genuine concern
[22:12] Gera Heliosense nods to Cassandra and whispers "Yes, I'm alright!
[22:12] The Huntress mumbeles just a tea
[22:12] Mavia nods
[22:13] Steph laughs "workin in a whorehouse yer likely to be kissed again boy. ye better get good at it

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