Friday, May 14, 2010

A misconception

I am exploring another rp sim . Its called Korat - Barbary Coast.
The theme of this project is based on histroical events in European middle ages when Arab and rogue europeans raided coastal towns from Spain to England taking innocents and enslaving them to be sold in the ports of North Africa which became known as the Barbary coast.
This is a combat & RPG project to script a suitable meter that supports meaningful roleplay rather than serving combat alone. Our focus is on supporting story role play.

I started to rp with a "slaver" even though i had read his profile that said"I don't play. I don't rp" We talked nicely ooc first. Then I was going to explore and he captured me. After that we sat there and he said"this is a silly game" I agreed. He askd"You agree? really?" and I said :"Yes it is silly. It only makes sense with rp....and you don't rp" I added the quote from his profile. With that he angrily TPed away. I IMed him and apologized, I said I didn't mean to offend him. "Well you did"he said. And then he told me"I am a rl and sl dom, I have three subs, why should I fuck a stranger?"
To him rp means sex. Pretend sex. I tried to explain to him that for me rp is acting, reacting, interacting. I told him about the whole wonderful fantasy of it all, the grand illusion and how you can get so deeply involved with all your soul. He only said:"Yes...Acting, Pretending....Why are you bothering me though? So I gave up and logged off. I felt bad.

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