Friday, July 2, 2010


Glint has a new library. Its a lovely place and build with love to detail as always. The interesting bit is that they got books there with a link to each blog of Glint residents. I was so proud and happy to find that they also made a link to Dunnaghs journal. So I was excited to show it to him. As we were standing in the library he spotted something that I had not noticed yet. They also linked this journal to the library, something I was not aware of.
Dunnagh was upset and asked me why I didn't want him to know about this blog.
I told him, oh i didn't want to make a big thing of it. For a while it went totally unnoticed. I rant in it and its not all about rp. Its about boring things too like buying new hair and stuff Are you offended that I didn't tell you? I am sorry , I didn't mean to offend you. I should have told you, shouldn't I?
He said, I'm a bit hurt by it, I don't know if I should be, I know that wasn't your point. But it makes me feel like I don't know you like I thought I did. I probably just need some time with it.
Gera Heliosense: oh I am, sorry. Please forgive me for being so thoughtlessly. I should have told you. And Dunn? There is not really anything in there that you don't know about me.
Dunnagh Scarmon: Ok. But that was my first thought- "she's got this whole other SL life that I'm not a part of and why would she want that?"
Again I apologized and explaned to him that I never ment to hids anything from him. I was very upset that I made him unsettled.
Then he said: Listen, I've always felt you and I have a special relationship in here- not an RL one, not just an RP one, something in the middle, a special SL loyalty. That's what I've always felt our 'Partnership' status is about. I'm looking at your new blog now and I see what it's about and I'm not threatened by it. But my first reaction to find out about it was I was wrong about our relationship in here.
He said he was a bit sensitive about finding out that I had hidden a big thing from from him, and that our different schedules make it so hard often to be connected , so he got worried but is okay now.
I am angry with my slef that I act thoughtless sometimes. I honestly didn't mean to hide anything from him. I just didn't see how important it was to him. Dunnagh is such a wonderful sensitive Person. He teaches me a lot and I learn from him to respect sentiments and emotions. Sometimes I do things in sl that catch my Dunnagh off guard. To me it does not seem to be a big thing but then he tells me how he feels when I do something like that and I realize only then what I did. Alas, I hope I will get better with that. Ours is such an amazing relationship and I don't know what I would do if I should ever lose him.


  1. Ok! I am definitely going to have to keep watch of THIS blog, my dear! And thank you for the song you posted to me- how very sweet of you, as usual! Good thing for both of us you won't be losing me- like gum rubbed into a wool sweater I am! :*

  2. Haha, and don't I love that gum in my sweater :)