Sunday, October 30, 2011

Zombie Apocalypse at Perdition!

This Halloween weekend has been role play bliss galore!. By chance Gera landed in Perdition where they had a Zombie Apocalypse weekend. Instantly Gera was in the game. Running for shelter, hiding with other survivors in a bar and an empty school. But it was not at a mindless "shoot 'em to pieces" - game. There were dramatic story lines developing between us. This special situation, where it was all about surviving in the face of death opened the door to wonderful scenes, dramatic emotional dialogue. Bonds were fastened quickly. Not to mention the terrific props: The Zombies were so well made and realistic that they scared the shit out of her and my heart was constantly beating with fear. Gera was in a turmoil of emotions. Relief and instant bonding with the guardsman who saved her, and in the end torn between shock and mourning when her new friends, one woman particularly, died and turned into undead walkers. My RP starved heart was never happier. It also has possibly opened the doors for Gera to play in Perdition now because through this RP she has made friends with the regulars. Never thought that Zombies can make your day :)

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