Sunday, February 24, 2013

New skin

Alert: A boring girly beauty fashion post:

I decided to get a new skin for Gera, I had moved from Mojo to drlife, both skins that did not change Gera's features, which is always my main concern, and I did like my drlife skin a lot but only the face. The body had too harsh dark enhancing lines, and even the face had too strong shadows under the chin and around the cheeks. I always had to wear Mock make-up to mask it and worst of all Gera's breasts looked far to big and ample when looked at them frontal while in profile one could see she is only a cup size A shape.
YT had told me about League skin who do tattoo layers to dehisce strong breast shadows but they only work with League skin and this did not fit Gera it made her look like a different person.
I knew there was only one designer in all of Sl who does petite looking breasts but she had gone last year while i was still pondering if her skins would alter Gera's features to much.
So I was thrilled to find out that she is back. Her skin line is called Ugly Duck / Swan. She hand paints them but with such a skill that they don't look cartoonish. the only flaw is that the skin tones mostly come in extreme pale whites or far too tanned. Nothing in-between.
Still I wanted small breasts for Gera and before this marvelous designer dissappears again (she caters for a minority, sadly the SL standard for women's skin is still over seized huge porno tits) I decided to grab one of hers. My only fear was, will these skins maintain Gera's typical look and features or will she look so different that I must abandon the idea.
Alas, after trying all she had in her store, i did find a skin called Babette which fits Gera perfectly, not distorting her face. The lighter tones were far too white and I had to chose the tanned version, another hurdle to overcome since Gera always had light skin. But...when i saw her finally with those petite size A cups i was totally thrilled. Legion (bless him) was a patient and encouraging adviser all through. Without him I would not have been able to make the decision. Thank you Legion Farslider, you are awesome as always :)
It still takes a while i guess to get used to it but I am happy with it and might  even get a pale tone too now.

* ANd i did and I am really really happy with the pale one. It works when i wear a tattoo layer that I found!

Before: Drlife


Now: Ugly Duck

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