Tuesday, July 27, 2010

New haircut

Because Gera had her hair cut [by force:) ] I thought I should give her a nice short haircut rather than to stick with the ol' freebie hair for men. So I got her this. Zoe Black from Hair creation.


  1. It just about kills me to read some of these posts of late. I should be there with for some of this rp, at least where I can give you an OOC wink while it's all going down to let you know you're still the best. :)

  2. You are always wonderful to me. And it makes me feel good when you say that. Sure, an ooc wink from you somtimes would help. But I'm okay now, I think. There are some really nice roleplayers around me who support me. In the end I just got to relax more. I am the only one who is creating problems for myself.
    I hope I will be able to see you soon. I miss you and your warmth, humor and roleplay. Gera needs Dunnagh's strong arms around her dearly.